Fallen makes incredible skate shoes. Jamie Thomas owns the company, and has made it clear that he doesn't want to simply make more skateboarding shoes - he want to make high quality premium skate shoes that look great and provide everything you need. Plus, for you planet-conscious skaters out there, Fallen makes shoes free of animal products. Take a look at the Fallen Troopers - easily the coolest looking skate shoes!
Chris Cole's Fallen Trooper skateboarding shoes are great shoes. They feel comfortable, with plenty of room, are as strong as you can want with extra layers and stitching, and have Chris Cole's name under the tongue. And, like icing on a cake, they look cooler than any skate shoes I've tested yet.


Comfort - Fallen Troopers are nice and wide, fully padded, and comfy
Durable - built from strong stuff, well stitched, and extra reinforcement
Style - These shoes come in some of the sweetest colors I've seen on shoes
Pro Model - These are Chris Cole's signature Fallen skateboarding shoe


They don't bring anything new to the table - they just do what's been done, and do it well

Chris Cole signature model
Soft and strong action leather upper
Foam padded tongue and collar, with tongue stabilizer straps
EVA insole with full length latex and gel heel for impact cushioning
Sticky gum rubber herring bone sole
Available in 9 color patterns